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Two of our former interviewees are having a big event coming up TOGETHER, and we wanted to tell you about it!  

Orville Walker was one of our first spoken word artists to be interviewed on the magazine.  He and another phenomenal artist we have interviewed, The Poetic Rockstar are coming together to put on an event entitled Both Sides of the Truth: Done Write!!  

“Orville the Poet and The PoeticRockstar will share the stage for the first time! These two artists, from different walks of life will be sharing their truth in supports of Fighting Cancer with Poetry. Orville the Poet, the Brand Ambassador for FCWP, recently found out that his mom was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma. Unfortunately, we lost her on August 5, 2015 but we celebrate her life. This news was a complete shock to the family, and the words “fight cancer with poetry” became real. The PoeticRockstar too was affected by the news because being friends, more like brothers, with Orville, he see’s the struggle, the hurt, the pain that Orville’s mom went through and the art is what brings them closer. This concert is deeper than poetry; it’s about inspiring people through art and music to raise awareness to this disease that’s attacking our communities.”

Check out the flyer below and go to  to get tickets to what is going to be an amazing show!  Also stop by Orville Walker’s website and The Poetic Rockstar’s website to find out more information about these two artists!

Former Interviewees Orville the Poet and Flowetry-Man are Having an Event!!
Former Interviewees Orville the Poet and The PoeticRockstar are Having an Event!!






















Notes from the Editor:

The Staccato Beat Magazine highlights outstanding pioneers and participants in the arts and entertainment industries who are doing powerful things through their work.  From the Queen of Gospel herself, Shirley Caesar, to the former Head of Publicity for Sony Entertainment, Kymberlee Norsworthy, to Marvin Gaye’s brother Antwaun Gay, the magazine has had some exciting moments!  We are proud to keep bringing you more!  The Staccato Beat Magazine​ is for aspiring artists, sports persons, entertainers, and people who just want to be entertained!  It gives you access to helpful stories from industry leaders and their wisdom!  If you read any article, you will find advice that will propel your career in one way or another.  It will challenge you to think about things differently.  What do YOU want to learn about in 2016?  

In our third issue of The Staccato Beat Magazine we now start talking about business and relationships!  On the cover will be Hall of Fame WNBA Player Sheryl Swoopes!!  We hope you enjoy the interviews!  Make sure to show the interviewees love on their various social media outlets, going to their shows, and supporting their ventures!  Visit the Hall of Interviewees to see previous interviewees.  But most of all enjoy the stories and wisdom brought to you by the Staccato Beat Family!

In this upcoming edition we have a fantastic lineup of TWO retired professional basketball players, Sheryl Swoopes of the Washington Mystics and Brian Taylor of the San Diego Clippers, a spotlight on fitness guru Sherrell Woodward (Sherella la Bella), and superstar touring artist, educator, and Director of Poetry Events for Busboys and Poets Pages de Matam!  We also include a few industry leading and upcoming businessmen including Tim Kelley, chairman and founding member of Canyon Angels, and Malik Rivers who is an up and coming entrepreneur of the new enterprise TailSpace!  This issue is jam packed!

Sit back and get ready to learn and be inspired!!

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